Cubond® Furnace Brazing Paste

Delivering More Than 40 Years of Brazing Experience

Cubond® pastes from SCM are a series of copper base brazing filler metals in carefully formulated vehicle systems designed for use in furnace brazing.

Furnace brazing is an economical joining method whereby most ferrous and certain non-ferrous metal components can be solidly brazed together in a continuous belt furnace. Cubond® pastes are designed to be dispensed to the braze joint area by hand-held devices or by automatic dispensing equipment. It is retained in position during the furnace heating cycle. The vehicle evaporates; the filler metal melts, fills the joint area, and solidifies upon furnace cooling to form a strong, leakfree braze joint.

Cubond® copper brazing pastes are used around the world as the "universal preform." It is an economical alternative to solid wire and strip performs. Solid preforms can cause unique and costly problems, including:

  • Placement of braze preforms can be cumbersome - in some cases this is an additional assembly step as the preform must be fitted into the assembly stack.
  • In many cases, wire preform placement simply cannot be economically automated.
  • High inventory costs associated with maintaining a stock of multiple preform sizes and shapes for each joint in each component.

Products and Dispensing

Cubond® pastes are available in grades that include pure copper, copper-tin, or copper-copper oxide filler metals. We have a range of vehicle formulations designed to meet high dew point or low dew point furnace atmospheres. Many filler metal-vehicle combinations are available to meet your needs, even under conditions such as wide gaps, or when dry adhesion of the paste to the part is required.

For your convenience, Cubond® copper brazing paste is available in 1, 2, 5, and 28 gallon metal or plastic containers.

Note that all copper powder used in making our Cubond® pastes meets the requirements of AWS for BCu-1A brazing filler material.

Cubond® can be dispensed by automated or hand-held devices delivering a precise quantity of filler metal exactly where it is needed. The same paste can normally be used for all the parts assembled in your plant.

Our experienced staff is available to discuss your specific brazing requirements and to offer solutions to help meet your needs.