Company Information

SCM Metal Products' manufacturing plant in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, is the global leader in the production and distribution of non-ferrous metal powders and copper-based brazing pastes. We develop and produce powder and paste products to create value for our customers. Our dedication to safety for our associates and the respect for the environment are core values of our company. 

SCM is a pioneer of many high value products such as press-ready, dimensionally-controlled and pre-mixed, bronze powders for sintered oil-less bearings, High Green Strength (HGS) powders for copper-based friction materials, and copper infiltration powders for ferrous based PM parts. Specialty products developed are Cubond® copper brazing pastes, and copper oxide and copper flake catalyst.

SCM’s world class R&D facilities and its ongoing commitment to technology development, provide the means to develop novel materials for existing and emerging markets.

Company history

The foundation of SCM Metal Products, Inc. as a metal powder producer can be traced back to the Glidden Metals Company, which in the early 1930’s began to produce copper powder for the then emerging industrial use of self-lubricating bronze bearings.

In 1967 The Glidden Metals Company merged with Smith-Corona Marchant, (SCM) a typewriter manufacturer, and over the years the company changed its name to SCM Metal Products, Inc.

2005: SCM Metal Products expanded its production base in the growing Asian market by establishing SCM Metal Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, a copper and copper alloy powder facility in Suzhou, China.

2010:  ACuPowder International and  ECKA Granules join the SCM Group. The combination of companies addresses the Group’s need to have worldwide manufacturing facilities and a strong distribution network in close proximity to its ever growing global customer base.