Copper Oxides

SCM's grades of cuprous oxide are designed to be the active ingredient in antifouling paint formulations.

SCM's Grade AA cuprous oxides (Cu2O) are high purity pigments with a minimum of 95.0% Cu2O (97.0 min Cu2O + Free Copper). They are offered in two grades with properties for specific benefits to antifouling paint applications.

These ship bottom paints reduce salt-water algae and barnacle buildup on sports boats and commercial vessels. It may also be used for other algicidal or fungicidal applications. Other applications include glass colorant, chemical and catalytic products, and roofing granules.

Grades customized to specific customer's needs are available upon request.


Standard pigment with anti-dusting characteristics for ease of handling in production of anitfouling paints.

A dry pigment for commercial antifouling paints.