Copper Powders - Fine Grades

SCM began to produce copper powders in the early 1930's as self-lubricating bearings began to gain acceptance and widespread use in industrial and automotive applications. The basic process that SCM employs to make copper powder is referred to as an “oxidation-reduction” process.

These fine copper powders are used in the manufacture of electrical contacts, sintered permanent magnets, carbon brushes, and friction materials such as clutches and brakes. They are also used for bonding diamonds and as the matrix metal for abrasive wheels. They are used in brazing pastes, in rubber compounds, as a filler in plastics, in special cements, in pyrotechnics and in miscellaneous chemical applications. These copper powders are produced by the oxidation-reduction process that results in generally irregularly shaped particles. They are supplied with SCM's Resistox treatment to minimize oxidation during storage and use.

200 RL
A -200 mesh powder (-74 µm). Meets AWS A5.8 specification for brazing filler metal, classification BCu-1A.

500 RL
A -325 mesh powder (-44 µm). Finer grade, also meets AWS BCu-1A classification.

Also, see High Green Strength Copper Powders for information on additional Fine Copper Powder grades, including our 200RLX-HGS and 400RLX-SGS.