Copper Base Infiltrating Powders

Adding Strength and Toughness to P/M Parts

This family of copper infiltrating powders offers a complete series of infiltrants to match your processing conditions to reach optimum performance.

All SCM copper infiltrants are supplied in the prelubricated condition, and are ready for compacting into slugs or preforms for preinfiltration placement. They may be used in either one step or two step infiltration, and from either the top or the bottom of the part based on your particular circumstance.

Infiltration is the process of filling the pores of a sintered or unsintered P/M compact with a metal or alloy of a lower melting point than the base metal. The infiltration process normally increases part density, strength, toughness, hardness and thermal and electrical conductivity.

Infiltrated parts can be readily brazed or plated. They also have improved machinability and are pressure tight. Assembly of green parts prior to infiltration can accomplish infiltration and brazing in a single operation for some multiple component assemblies.


A low-erosion copper infiltrating powder designed for infiltration in a number of different atmospheres, including low dew point conditions. Efficiency of this infiltrant is approximately 96% with a resultant friable, non-adhering slug residue.

A low-erosion copper infiltrating powder designed for infiltration in high dew point atmospheres (excellent for endo gas). The function of the 10-12% non-adhering residue slug is to prevent liquid copper powder from running into lightening holes or onto other critical part areas, such as gear teeth.

A companion grade to IP-174, but designed for use on larger parts or in marginally reducing atmospheres. It has improved fluidity compared to IP-174.

This high-efficiency, non-residue, infiltration powder (better than 99%) exhibits low erosion of the matrix base metal designed for use in synthetic nitrogen based atmosphere and dissociated ammonia.