Sure2Glide® low cost - high performance Bronze Powder alternative

Sure2Glide®  is a cost effective, high performance bronze powder alternative for manufacturing oil impregnated bearings and sintered bronze structural parts. The powder can also be used in microbearings, where controlled porosity and high oil efficiency are required for good hydrodynamic lubrication to occur at lower loads and higher rotational speeds. The powder is offered as a press-ready, lubricated powder.

Sure2Glide® offers the following advantages over pre-mix bronze:

  • Lower cost
  • Free flow
  • Excellent green strength
  • No compositional segregation
  • Lower sintering temperature
  • High radial crush strength
  • Fine porosity and smooth bearing surface
  • Low distortion and low hourglassing
  • Tight tolerances on sized bearings
  • Low noise in bearing operations

              Sure2Glide®                               Premixed Bronze