Tin Powders

L-M-H family of tin powders to compliment the copper powders in providing low, medium and high growth bronze mixes.

The coarse grades are used in chemical and metallurgical reactions. The intermediate grades find their largest use when mixed with copper to produce P/M oil-impregnated bronze bearings. The finest grades are generally used in plastics, solder pastes, and other non-compacting applications. This family of atomized tin powder grades is designed to allow the purchaser a choice of particle sizes.

Six grades of high purity, air atomized tin powders having nodular to teardrop particle shape are available in various particle sizes. Those grades primarily intended for use in the manufacture of sintered bronze bearings have controlled dimensional change with copper.

SCM Grades/Characteristics

Is the standard grade in this family. Other grades used in bronze premixes offer growth values relative to this grade.

An extra fine -325 mesh (-44 µm) powder for chemical and metallurgical applications. Not intended for use in bronze mixes.

A -325 mesh (-44 µm) tin powder for lowest growth in bronze mixes, i.e. 1.0% less than M-40 at 1530°F (832°C).

A -200 mesh (-74 µm) tin powder for medium growth in bronze mixes, i.e. 0.5% less than M-40 at 1530°F (832°C).

A -150 mesh (-105 µm) tin powder designed to give nominal growth during sintering of 90/10 bronze mixes at 1530°F (832°C) when processed under normal production conditions.

A -100 mesh (-149 µm) tin powder for highest growth in bronze mixes, i.e. 0.5% more than M-40 at 1530°F (832°C).

A coarse -20 +325 mesh (-841 + 44 µm) tin powder for use as an accelerator metal in laboratory carbon analysis and various other chemical applications.